Wednesday, September 25, 2013

VISA is Here!

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for your letters, packages, and support!

This week has been about the same.   But we found out that our little district will be the only district in our zone.  So a 6 person zone. My district will most likely be the last people in our whole building before they tear everything out and re-do everything in there, because they want to renovate.   My Spanish is finally coming along and I keep reading English and trying to translate to Spanish.  Our district translated the Dwarf Song from the Hobbit which was way cool.  It helped give us a break, but we still could use Spanish. We're now doing poems that we know from memory and translating them. Elder Gallup knows Invictus so we're going to try and translate it.  The language is challenging, but good.  The teachers are all really nice and helpful.  It's been nice having a lot of devotionals! The Spirit is so strong here!! I love seeing so many people that I know! We have 4 investigators now! We teach about every day and we do TRC a lot more where we talk with members of the Church and just talk about what's happening or just share a spiritual message with them.  I know the Church is true and I love it!  They have really focused on teaching us to love the people before we can teach them because it's really important to love everyone and spread the gospel far and wide!! Also they used the analogy of "run with your heart, then your mind, then your feet" and to apply it to missionary work, which is great to do.  I went down to Las Vegas this past week for my VISA.  We were gone all day and spent 30 minutes with the consulate, but I got it.  So I'm set to go to Mexico! It was the longest day ever! But worth it.  I talked to a few people on the plane and we talked a little about the church, which was cool.  It was also just weird seeing people without name tags on. haha I love visiting the temple on our Sunday walks!  I'm going to miss Utah though when I leave because I won't have my mountains to see anymore!  I'm glad I get to see the colors of the leaves change.

Thank you all for your support and love!

Elder Weenig
Our District

My home away from home.
My Two Favorite Mexicans --  Elder Pacheco and Elder Ramirez

Met up with Sarah Kimball

Tim Gardner, too.

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