Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crazy First Week

Dear family!! (and whoever else reads this letter...)

This past week was kind of crazy, but I've been learning so much and learning to speak Spanish and bring others to Christ! I love this gospel and I know Heavenly Father really answers prayers! through him we can do all things!! I've loved the devotionals and have been singing in the choir here.  We thought they would take us up to General Conference because I'll be here during that time, but I guess not.  It's a good break from studying though.  My companion, Elder Ramirez, is awesome and is from Mesa, Arizona! He's going to Guadalajara, Mexico! Thanks everyone that has mailed/emailed me! It's been amazing hearing from you all!  My District is great we had 10 people then 2 left this morning for the Spain MTC.  We are teaching our first 'investigator', Pedro, and we have already set a date for him to be baptized!  It was tough because from day one we had to teach him in Spanish, but luckily Elder Ramirez helps me when I forget words in Spanish.  I've seen a lot of people I know here at the MTC.  By the way, I'm staying in the main MTC, which is great to see how many people have devoted part of their lives to the Lord and this true gospel! I've never felt this happy before and I know it's because of the Lord and the Spirit that I can be happy.  Jesus Christ really is our Savior and atoned for our sins and through Him we can be saved.  When I struggle, I can always turn to prayer (which has been in Spanish lately) and always feel comforted and I'm reminded why I am here and for whom I am serving.  I am honored to give 2 short years of my life and dedicate them to the Lord and spreading His gospel to the people of Mexico!  Most of the people in my District are going to Mexico except the 2 that left and one guy that is going to New Jersey.  I found out the pull up record is 52 so I'm going to try and break that before I leave!! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing family and a mom and dad that always have supported and loved me through everything and been such amazing examples to me to get me to where I am today!! The Church is true and God is our loving Heavenly Father!

- Elder Weenig

With Elder Ramirez at THE map -- Mexico!! :)

Our District
Mexico, here we come!
A bathroom pic before Elder Beuden left for Spain!!

Look who I ran into -- Elder Josh Claflin

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