Wednesday, September 25, 2013

VISA is Here!

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for your letters, packages, and support!

This week has been about the same.   But we found out that our little district will be the only district in our zone.  So a 6 person zone. My district will most likely be the last people in our whole building before they tear everything out and re-do everything in there, because they want to renovate.   My Spanish is finally coming along and I keep reading English and trying to translate to Spanish.  Our district translated the Dwarf Song from the Hobbit which was way cool.  It helped give us a break, but we still could use Spanish. We're now doing poems that we know from memory and translating them. Elder Gallup knows Invictus so we're going to try and translate it.  The language is challenging, but good.  The teachers are all really nice and helpful.  It's been nice having a lot of devotionals! The Spirit is so strong here!! I love seeing so many people that I know! We have 4 investigators now! We teach about every day and we do TRC a lot more where we talk with members of the Church and just talk about what's happening or just share a spiritual message with them.  I know the Church is true and I love it!  They have really focused on teaching us to love the people before we can teach them because it's really important to love everyone and spread the gospel far and wide!! Also they used the analogy of "run with your heart, then your mind, then your feet" and to apply it to missionary work, which is great to do.  I went down to Las Vegas this past week for my VISA.  We were gone all day and spent 30 minutes with the consulate, but I got it.  So I'm set to go to Mexico! It was the longest day ever! But worth it.  I talked to a few people on the plane and we talked a little about the church, which was cool.  It was also just weird seeing people without name tags on. haha I love visiting the temple on our Sunday walks!  I'm going to miss Utah though when I leave because I won't have my mountains to see anymore!  I'm glad I get to see the colors of the leaves change.

Thank you all for your support and love!

Elder Weenig
Our District

My home away from home.
My Two Favorite Mexicans --  Elder Pacheco and Elder Ramirez

Met up with Sarah Kimball

Tim Gardner, too.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Dear Family and Friends:

This week went really well! It went by really fast, too.  Spanish is hard, but coming a little easier.  We have a lot of 'investigators' to teach, which is great!! Nothing really new happened this week besides just getting a new district in our zone!  We did have a few devotionals which went amazing!!! Seriously, so blessed to be here and able to hear from General Authorities and their talks all of the time! We also found out that we are losing two more from our district, Elder Pacheco and Elder Hill.  Elder Pacheco is going to New Jersey and Elder Hill to Mexico! They passed the advanced test and so they get to leave as soon as possible, which is Monday. In the devotional that we had last night, I sang  in the choir at the Marriott Center which was fun! Apparently, I was on the big screen when they were filming, so I guess I'm kind of a big deal ;) haha just kidding.  But Elder Schwizer from the Seventy and his wife came and talked to us.  She talked on how her father pushed her to be able to get through hard things and to face them with your head up high, shoulders back, and to just stand tall.  Elder Schwizer went on to say that we must lose our life to find it, which I hope that I will be able to lose myself completely so that I can find myself!! Then after we had a devotional review with Elder and Sister Brady from our Zone and they taught us that we should serve others, forget ourselves, and learn to love what we do and the people we are serving.  I'm going to push myself to be able to forget about myself and serve others.

It's weird transferring from Spanish to English so many times a day! I was writing in my journal and found out I'd written a lot in Spanish, but only stopped because I forgot what a word was in Spanish!!  Also, I found out I can't speak either language. Sometimes I'll combine the English and Spanish words together and get some funky sound coming out of my mouth. Kind of weird, but hopefully it's a sign that I'm finally learning Spanish.  haha

It's crazy to think in a few weeks I'll be out of the MTC or (La CCM) and out into the real world.  But right now I'm just going to try as hard as I can to be the best missionary I can be.  Thank you all for your support and love!!!

Elder Weenig
Sunday temple visit

P-day casualness! Yes!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crazy First Week

Dear family!! (and whoever else reads this letter...)

This past week was kind of crazy, but I've been learning so much and learning to speak Spanish and bring others to Christ! I love this gospel and I know Heavenly Father really answers prayers! through him we can do all things!! I've loved the devotionals and have been singing in the choir here.  We thought they would take us up to General Conference because I'll be here during that time, but I guess not.  It's a good break from studying though.  My companion, Elder Ramirez, is awesome and is from Mesa, Arizona! He's going to Guadalajara, Mexico! Thanks everyone that has mailed/emailed me! It's been amazing hearing from you all!  My District is great we had 10 people then 2 left this morning for the Spain MTC.  We are teaching our first 'investigator', Pedro, and we have already set a date for him to be baptized!  It was tough because from day one we had to teach him in Spanish, but luckily Elder Ramirez helps me when I forget words in Spanish.  I've seen a lot of people I know here at the MTC.  By the way, I'm staying in the main MTC, which is great to see how many people have devoted part of their lives to the Lord and this true gospel! I've never felt this happy before and I know it's because of the Lord and the Spirit that I can be happy.  Jesus Christ really is our Savior and atoned for our sins and through Him we can be saved.  When I struggle, I can always turn to prayer (which has been in Spanish lately) and always feel comforted and I'm reminded why I am here and for whom I am serving.  I am honored to give 2 short years of my life and dedicate them to the Lord and spreading His gospel to the people of Mexico!  Most of the people in my District are going to Mexico except the 2 that left and one guy that is going to New Jersey.  I found out the pull up record is 52 so I'm going to try and break that before I leave!! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing family and a mom and dad that always have supported and loved me through everything and been such amazing examples to me to get me to where I am today!! The Church is true and God is our loving Heavenly Father!

- Elder Weenig

With Elder Ramirez at THE map -- Mexico!! :)

Our District
Mexico, here we come!
A bathroom pic before Elder Beuden left for Spain!!

Look who I ran into -- Elder Josh Claflin

Monday, September 9, 2013

First letter from the MTC

Dear Familia,

How are you?  First, Mom I forgot to say thank you for the amazing lunch!  I can’t tell you how much I miss your food and just you.  I miss you all a lot!  These first couple of days have been packed but so, so hard! The classes are intense, but it’s mostly been hard adjusting.  Especially,  when I go outside and hear the BYU bells ringing or see the mountains.  Thank you all so much for the book you made me and your testimonies.  They have helped me a lot.  My companion is Elder Ramirez and he is also going to Mexico, as are the two other roommates I have.  The other two are going to Reynosa, like me.  My brain is numb with how much they are trying to cram into it, but today we learned to pray in Spanish which was fun. This is definitely the hardest thing I will have done so far.  I’ve seen a couple of people I know and tell Austin that Sarah Kimball says hi. I know God calls missionaries for a reason and that through Him others can come unto Him and receive eternal life.  Prayer is truly one of the best ways to stay close to Heavenly Father.  I found out I’ll be staying for 6 weeks instead of two, which is okay since I really need a lot of practice with the gospel and the language.  I’m trying to talk and read in Spanish and much as I can.  I really love you all so much and am so happy I can call you family!  Dad, thank you so much for the scriptures you wrote in the book! They helped me last night so much. (D&C 103:36, Moroni 8:3, D&C 4).  My p-day is on Wednesday so hopefully this gets there before then so I can get an email from you guys.  I know I am in your prayers and know that you are in mine.  This is basically just a letter letting you know I’m doing fine, just a little stressed and missing you guys.  Thank you for all your wonderful examples and be safe! Tell Maximous Decimous Maridious I said hi and take him up the canyon for a run for me. Love you all. The gospel is true! Good luck Austin, Hayden, and Shaylie with school and all the other activities you guys are doing.  Thanks mom and dad for being my heroes! You’ve always been there for me and loved me no matter what.

I Love You!
Elder Weenig